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The Brightkid@home program is an early childhood education program ( Play Group, Nursery, LKG and UKG) which can be conducted at the safety and comfort of home. This program is offered by Bright Kid Montessori House who has over a decade of Preschool operation and teaching experience and winner of many awards for it's innovative Teaching, effective deployment of technology and digital content creation in early childhood education. Preschool education at home provides unique learning Kits, materials, digital lessons and supplemental learning App along with a world class Parent Support program and Toolkit for Parents to guide their child. The objective of this program is to enable and support parents to provide the best preschool education for their child at home.

In the Brightkid@home program teachers will not be coming physically to your residence, however there will be live teacher interactions and mentoring for parents for each student by professional and trained teachers of Bright Kid Montessori House using an Innovative ticketing system which is just one click away.The program utilises the best virtual teaching resources ( which we call it 'Anytime, Anywhere Teacher') in the most optimum and convenient way for parents.

Durations of every level of the program ( Play Group, Nursery, LKG & UKG ) will be of one year just like the schooling system and annual academic sessions of your state.

Parents need not have any teaching experience, their own basic academics familiarisation is sufficient. The program is designed and curated in such a way where children can learn and grow using self intuitive learning kits and Montessori Materials. However, parents are required to provide necessary guidance, attention, hand holding and encouragement to their child themselves during this vital learning and development stages of their child which will not only provide priceless experience to parents but also foster a strong family bond and Bright Kid Montessori House will always be by the side of parent to accomplish proper development of their child.

As the parents start participating in this program, they will soon find that the parent has more role as observer and supervisor than a role of performing any kind of intense direct teaching. Children are natural learners from the environment and resources provided to them. Typically 6-8 hours of weekly engagement distributed over the week at the convenient timings for parents and child is sufficient. Children love order thus making a daily routine of engagement will lead to greater developmental accomplishment of your child.

In Brightkid@home curriculum and study plan are provided by Bright Kid Montessori House and it varies between each level. Upon signup and completing your profile we will curate a timetable for your child based on his/her enrollment level, habits and of course the parent’s daily routine.

Yes, on completion of the course and upon meeting the requirements of the course, your child will get all necessary credentials from Bright Kid Montessori House.

Certainly, the Preschool program is curated matching the requirements for early Childhood Learning mentioned by various boards such as CBSE / ICSE or any leading board/ education system.

All lessons have auditory & visual cues to help children progress through the lessons and the site independently or with minimum direct parental involvement (depending on age and ability of the child). However, that is not possible 100% of the time, especially in the beginning. Thus features are made to suit for use by both parents and children together.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, "For children ages 2 to 5 years, limit screen use to 1 hour per day of high-quality programs". We believe parents should co-view digital contents with children to help them understand what they are seeing and apply it to the world around them. Thoughtfully, we have made the program in such a way that there are no continuous screen time for children and average time for each content or concept is around 5-6 mins only. A child may co-view with you about 2-3 concepts per day at Nursery level and 5-6 concepts at KG level. All these will translate co-viewing screen time together with parent to the extent 10-20 mins. per day for Play Group / Nursery and around 20- 30 mins per day for LKG & UKG. At Brightkid@home we provide activities and toolkits that promote a blend between online and offline learning.

It’s easy to monitor your child’s physical development as he or she grows taller, bigger, and stronger. However it is hard to understand social development of a child and to do so we at Brightkid@home provide social tasks and a wishlist for parents to see whether their child has accomplished milestones of the social wishlist. There few milestones for a child’s social skills development and we would provide all guides to prepare and help your child to acquire social skills as per child's age.

Bright Kid Montessori House curriculum lay much needed emphasis to ensure that Bright Kids are able and ready communicators. They communicate primarily through language, but they also rely on gestures, facial expressions, and behaviors. Our program highlights all these language and communication milestones for preschool children. These skills are put to practice and test through various hands on activities and digital contents include many 'do with actions' which will help parent to inculcate development of communication skills for a child.

Bright kid @ Home program derives its strength from the proven, time tested and much appreciated early Childhood Education program of Bright Kid Montessori House on one hand and propels the deep engagement from parents with their love, attention and care on the other hand. We strongly believe this combination and collaboration will not only make children future ready for any school but also for the life ahead.

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